DINE-IN or Takeout

Our top quality ingredients and long history ensure you’ll have a fantastic meal no matter how you order.



Stir Fried Veggies

Side Dishes

Ichiban Specials

Teriyaki Dinner

Homemade Noodles as Entrees

Cooked Sushi

Cooked Rolls

Fresh Fish Nigiri Sushi

Luncheon Specials


Tempura Banana

Sweet herana fed in tempursar smothered in a rum sauce

Fried Ice Cream

Tempur fried ice cream served in chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Choose from green tea or mango flavor

Ice Cream

Mange ginger green tea and red bear You may dress it up with chocolate syrup and whipped cream


2 pcs of soft white powdery rice cakes filled with smooth green tea, mango or red bean ice cream.

Sushi Starters

Fried Rice

Soup Entrees


Tempura Dinner

Vegetarian Rolls

Sushi Dinner

Fresh Fish Maki Rolls

Caviar Sushi

Noodles & Rice

Sushi Bar Specials

Sushi Bar Specials
California & Spicy Tuna Combo
Tempura Tuna Maki & Unagi
Philadelphia & Boston
Tuna Seaweed Salad Comes w/ rice
Hand Roll Combo

Dynamite hand roll & spicy tuna hand ro

Tempura Lover

Shrimp tempura & tuna tempora mak

Fresh Combo

Текка mak & salmon mak

Tekka Lunch

2 rolls of tuna maks

California Lunch

2 rolls of California maki

Sushi Lunch

6 pcs of Nigin Sushi & Kappa maki

Sashimi Lunch

12 pcs of sashimi & white rice.

Veggie Lover

Kappa maki & avocado mak

Snow Combo

Alaskan maki, ebony & Ivory maki 1 tuna & 1 salmon sushi